Khamis, 11 Disember 2008

Fw: Fraud Maybank2U Email Link...Be Carefull !!!!!

[TIKedah] Fw: Fraud Maybank2U Email Link...Be Carefull !!!!!
Thursday, December 11, 2008 5:04 AM
"Rib Man"


Salam kawan2 yg saya sayangi,
Mintak kita semua berjaga2 dengan tipu muslihat yang sentiasa di sekeliling kita.
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Very Important notes to All Maybank Account holders!!!

Kindly share this information with all your family members and friends.
Lately there were numerous times these types of scam email have been received where the sender
claimed from "MAYBANK' asking Mayban2U customers to login to Maybank2U
through their email link. Here it is shown that when you click the link,
these websites will be displayed and if you just entered any username and password (DO NOT
ENTER YOUR REAL USERNAME & PASSWORD) and also any TAC it will still move
to the next page without notifying you had entered wrong login codes. If you
enter the real username and password, they will used them to login to your

The best is in the last PAGE where they do not advise you to check on
your account until 5.45pm, so that they got the time to CLEAR all your

Please remind our family members & friends.

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